Supply List

Notepad.png     2023 - 2024 School Year


4    (24 count) packs Sharpened # 2 pencils               *No Mechanical

2    Pink Erasers

1    Manual Pencil sharpener that holds shavings

3    Plastic Folders with Horizontal Pockets

2    Black Only Expo Markers (Dry Erase)

2    24 Count Box of Crayons and Colored Pencils  

      *No Markers 

3    Boxes of Tissues (The class will share these and they should last the whole year)

5    Marble Notebooks (No Spiral)

1    Yellow Highlighter 

1    Zippered pencil case (No Plastic Cases)

1    Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

1    Container of Disinfectant Wipes

1    Pair of Headphones or Earbuds * A Must

No 3-Ring Binders or Plastic Pencil boxes, please!

They do not fit in the desk.