School Hours

School Hours



Food service starts for students.


Food service ends.

Students arriving after 8:25am will not be served breakfast. There are no exceptions. Please understand that we want to feed any student desiring breakfast; however, students who are late for breakfast will be expected to start school with all other students instead of eating late.


The dining hall closes for breakfast.

At 8:30am students must transition to their hallway to prepare for the classes of the day. Students will not be allowed to stay late in the dining hall as it will delay learning in the classroom.



First bell.

Students will be allowed to enter the school building and head to their lockers. Students must remove all headgear and put away all technology before entering the building. Students are not allowed to use personal technology (ex. cellphone) during school hours.


Second bell.

Students should be in their hallway and transition from their lockers into their homerooms.


Lessons start.

Any student in the hallway at this time will need to get a late pass from the attendance office before being allowed into the homeroom classroom.

Dismissal procedures:

3:20pm -3:25pm

Walkers and car-riders

Walkers and car-riders are dismissed to their lockers and must leave the building by 3:25pm.


Bus riders

Bus riders are dismissed one bus at a time. Bus riders are to wait in their homeroom until their specific bus is called. All bus riders may only exit through the main entrance.

Post buses

When all bus riders have been dismissed students going to tutoring, sports, and activities will be dismissed.

When leaving the school; all students are expected to walk in an orderly and well-behaved manner.

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